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Thread: Rhyme Cypher

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    I got game; it’s incredibly jank... I wanna hang with a ratchet; I’m jealous of Clank.
    I’m in the fast lane sexting a skank, or feeling like Krang; I’m getting head in a tank.
    For real, I just blew seventy francs on a bottle of cuvée genevieve blanc.
    Plus I just got an ounce of the heaviest dank, and the same liquid acid that Zebedee drank.
    So invested in tranqs, I’mma Lehman Brothers my memory banks.
    Y’all got mummy issues, shoulda dressed with an ankh.
    I’ve got a broad definition of ‘acceptable pranks’...
    In the past they all said I was a pest and scamp;
    I guess I had a few vices; I crushed heads with a clamp.
    Forget private parts and a leisurely wank; I got Major parts, that’s my testicles’ rank.

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    Disregard what I'm about to say,
    to the stars, my dreams are laid.
    Watch my scars as they fade
    into bookmarks and intricate strains.
    Venus, Mars, Saturn and... wait...
    what's that colossus coming this way?

    next rhyme; Jupiter

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    I got sick of getting taxed I hate to lose figures,
    And the government took a 5th from son like Jupiter,
    Now I move slicker, I'm getting huge skrilla,
    Monster with the money they call me Jewzilla,
    Modest poon killer,
    Took a hike with Julia cuz her boobs bigger,
    N got blown in the wind like loose litter,
    Are you a boot licker or a shoe sniffer?
    They sound the same to me like raskit n scrufizza,
    New York? I rep the old one so fuck you Jigga,
    My work stays near the peak like roof fitters,
    How else you think I bought this Nissan Micra with 22 spinners?

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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    I’mma recruit a group of stupid ducks, to start a racist clan, and call it ‘klueless klucks’.
    Nah I’mma start an anti-vax protest, and call it ‘hoovers suck’.
    I dropped some acid tabs, and now my Roomba’s fucked.
    Should take a blade to Boris Johnson since that cunt approves of cuts.
    I ain’t need nothing else except some Cuban blunt super skunk zoots to puff.
    Eh, wait, I also need a bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut.
    I rock a Puma tux and touch cougar butts.
    They swoon and strut, then I leave em walking Wilder like it alludes to Lux.

    Next rhyme: efficiency
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    Re: Rhyme Cypher

    I rub off then shake hands with em, chim chiminey,
    I beat my mates kid viscously for saying I stink like poo, shit simile,
    Your outfit makes you look like a fake dick, send it back, dil-livery,
    My mind wand-, it's wizardry,
    8 is the best number, I could rotate it infinitely,
    But if you want a number & a half you can split trinities,
    Ive honed my talent of spotting females in misery for the sake of achieving the objective efficiently,
    My porn names Dick Stifflesby,
    I take care when locking women in pillories cuz I'm masterful with chivalry,

    Next rhyme: Court Service
    My life is an open book, called 'Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved'



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