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Keep your hands off the Bible

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CyKoShYnE - Keep your hands off the Bible
Last edited by CyKoShYnE; August 4th, 2002 at 01:02 AM

"Those without sin, cast the first stone....." Too bad you still getting ROCKed bitch...............

There's only one God, you're just a devil in disguise being blasphemous/
Didnt create earth in 6 days, and didnt ressurect Lazarus/
Its tragic bitch how you conform yourself to be the one and only/
You're not holy, matter of fact u just a God fearing phony/
So homey, dont come through here like your God's main disciple/
The only audience that will hear you is a room full of rifles/
So all insightful comments you thought u made were strongly ill-advised/
Your not Solomon either, so faggot quit trying to display that your wise/
The fact lies your not the Saviour, and fuck ya name, you aint GODLY/
Your not a commodity, you underdeveloped shit talking oddity/
Try stopping me would only be a task designated only for Jesus/
I may be HELLbent, but when the Lord calls, I'm there nigga, best believe it/
I would leave bitch, you werent smooth , just wrong moves little buddy/
Apologized like u love thee, but still I'm leaving u bloody/
Just call it a holy lyrical sacrifice done in the name of Lord/
Stick u in a ya so called manger with your heart impaled with a sword/
God's adored, not Frozenheats former jealous, pompus ass crewmate/
Who hates to state, that he really is a rapper thats two face/
Be displaced in brimstone-made seat just for being God's rival/
So Satan to keep your self from burning, keep ya hands off the bible........

PS. This is for an MC at another site named Godly Lyricism and she said something about god ad I got pissed.

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